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With over 8 years of experience in FPGA design, I am providing FPGA and software design services for embedded systems. I have worked for some big french companies but decided to start my own company in early 2011. Since then I have been able to work on video, software defined radio, avionics designs and even labs experiments for physics institutes. I always try to find the best (and simplest) solution, and have acquired on strong expertise on various interfaces: PCIe, SATA, SDRAM (SDR to DDR3), Ethernet, HDMI, SFP, CPRI, SRIO... I also love open-source hardware and try to share my designs when possible :)

Do not hesitate to contact me if you want to discuss, have a free quotation for your design or want to work with me!


Designing electronics is my job but also a hobby. For our first meeting we could discuss about your design, the ideas you have for it and what I can provide you. Maybe you are not sure about the technology you want to use, we will study that together, list the possible solutions and see if we can work together.


This is where we sketch up the design: EnjoyDigital tries to find the best hardware/software solution for your design and translates your needs in a specification (if not already existing). I also try to have a good undertanding of the design in it's globality since I think this is necessary to design a good product and test it with real use-cases. The technical solutions will be discussed and we will choose together which one best fits your needs.

Once it's done, it's time for me to have fun designing your hardware/software!

Creative Design

EnjoyDigital starts its work. The specification will describe all the technical points that will be implemented on the design.

I can then design remotely or in your office.

I have various prototype boards and lab tools that allow me to quickly test the design on hardware and will invest in new hardware if it can be useful for the project.

- Xilinx/Altera/Actel toolchains
- Migen/VHDL/Verilog
- PCIe/DDRX/SATA/Ethernet/Transceivers,...
- Linux drivers / Python test scripts
- Video
- Software Defined Radio
- Avionics
- Healthcare
- Research
- and others!
A few of our customers:

You hesitate?

Working with EnjoyDigital it is:
- reactivity and easy communication: You discuss directly with the designer!
- focusing on your real needs with ease.
- freely benefit from our open-source IP cores and the ones from MLabs (our partner).
- having really interesting prices on our closed-source IP cores.
- having the possibility to look at our code and try it before working with us!