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Design services:
With >50+ sucessful projects realized for clients and more than 10 years of experience with FPGAs, we provide on-demand FPGA-based design services.

From simple help on your FPGA design/verification to full-system design including board/gateware/software drivers and user-space apps, get in touch with us to see if we can help you!
At Enjoy-Digital, we reuse and create open-source tools/cores for FPGA digital design to improve our productivity and provide better products to our clients.

Based on Migen (Python for FPGA), LiteX SoC builder and the LiteX cores ecosystem allow us (and others :)) to create full modular/scalable FPGA based systems easily! Just give it a try!:

We've been involved on very various projects and have realized many custom FPGA boards and designs, here are some of the last systems
we designed or have been working on, all of these powered by LiteX and the ecosystem of cores:
PCIe SDR / Artix7 / PCIe gen2 X1 / AD9361.
PCIe SFP / Kintex7 / PCIe gen2 X4 / 4 SFPs up to 10Gbps.
PCIe 3G SDI / Artix7 / PCIe gen2 X4 / 4X simultaneous 3G-SDI TX/RX streams.
NeTV2 Libre SoC architecture.

NeTV2 tests/validation.
PCIe SDR / 2X Artix7 / 2X PCIe gen2 X4 / 2X AD937X (JESD204B).
Some of our clients:

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